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Instinct® dual motion strength products offer the option of the revolutionary Lock N Load® pinless system. And the versatility of Instinct’s small footprints also lets you get the most from minimal space, while blending seamlessly with our cardio line for a cohesive facility look. To say it does a lot of things well is a real understatement.
Lock N Load®
Anyone who works out has been there. You’re ready to begin training and you walk over to a machine only to find the weight selection pin missing, broken, damaged or the lanyard is a tangled mess. Well, now you can say goodbye to the frustration and maintenance issues thanks to our revolutionary, patented Lock N Load® weight selection system.
Now weight selection is as easy as flipping a switch. The intuitive Lock N Load® design is easily recognizable. If you’ve ever flicked a light switchon and off, you’ll immediately understand how it works. Universally color coded switches engage and disengage the weight via an internal pin, providing a safer, more durable and maintenance free operation.
Simple and innovative you’ll find it to be a welcome relief from the headaches and maintenance costs often associated with traditional strength equipment weight stacks. With very few moving parts and an internal case hardened steel engagement pin, there’s virtually nothing to break or maintain.
- Leg press / calf
- Leg ext. / leg curl
- Inner / outer thigh
- Dual adjustable pulley
- Pec fly / rear delt
- Multi press
- Lat pull / vertical row
- Bicep / tricep
- Ab / low back